Dresden Spiral

This is Dresden Spiral, my second spiral quilt (Quilter’s DNA was my first). I entered it in the Asheville Quilt Show in 2017, where it (only) received a Merit Award […]

This quilt is one of several I have done using a mathematical construction known as an Apollonian Gasket.  The name comes from a Greek mathematician, Apollonius of Perga,  (c.262-c.190 BCE) […]

Stars of Seville was inspired by a decorative ceiling I saw in Seville, Spain.  I designed a 3D pattern that matched that of the ceiling, a grid that divided the […]

The name of this quilt, TriFractal, reflects the underlying mathematical (“Fractal”) design, known as a Koch curve, of which there are three (“Tri”) nested versions. A Koch curve is constructed […]

Quilter's DNA

Quilter’s DNA was my second show quilt (Asheville Quilt Show, 2011) and my first attempt at paper-piecing.  It won second place in it’s category (Large Pieced, Non-Professional).  QDNA was accepted […]

Deconstructing Cubes

Deconstructing Cubes was my first quilt.  Really.  I entered it in the 2010 Asheville Quilt Show, where it won Best First Quilt and Viewers’ Choice.  It also won third place […]