Stars of Seville

Stars of Seville was inspired by a decorative ceiling I saw in Seville, Spain.  I designed a 3D pattern that matched that of the ceiling, a grid that divided the surface into octagons, hexagons and a ‘plus’ sign shape.  Within each of these I designed paper-pieced patterns for four-, six-, and eight-pointed stars.  The eight-pointed stars form a 5×5 pattern.  The central column of these comprises five stars in five primary colors.  These colors are reflected outward at 45 degree angles into the rest of the quilt, intersecting with other rays of color.

I am indebted to a Ricky Tims Seminar for introducing me to a printable fusing called Stable Stuff; paper-pieced patterns can be printed directly on this material, which can be left attached to the fabric and does not need to be ripped out as is usual with paper-piecing.  The finished sections were very precise and this allowed the entire quilt to be very accurate.

While this quilt did not win any awards at the 2013 Asheville Quilt Show, it was accepted in the Lancaster AQS show the next year and won a second place at the Pigeon Forge (TN) show as well.


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